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Our goal is to offer you one of the best self-study English courses available online.


Create your own study plan based on your current level of English, your target, and how you like to study.


Follow your step-by-step study plan towards your goal while enjoying the site's fun features and support from the online community.


Improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with a complete set of grammar, pronunciation, and conversation lessons containing written, audio, and video content, exercises, and tests.

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Complete a simple form to tell us about your current level, your target level, and how long you are giving yourself to reach your goal. Based on your answers, we generate a personal study plan for you.

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Choose your subscription level based on your preferred study mode:

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  • If you want to study only online and without teacher support.

  • If you want to study both online and offline with some teacher support.

  • If you want to study both online and offline with maximum teacher support and tools that make your study time more efficient.

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What our students say

This is one of the best tools you can find on the Internet, to finally learn English.


The grammar is explained in a very clear and understandable way. The media and video lessons used are useful and perfect.

Alfred Haxhiaj

Minoo is an excellent teacher who combines a friendly and intuitive style of teaching with a structured approach. She helped me with the rhythm of my sentences, stress and intonation. Since then, I have successfully delivered several presentations to an international audience.

Samantha Dehghan

The process of evaluating ourselves through test & understanding our improvement areas gives us a clear picture for learning. I find myself improving.

Sajjad Mohiuddin

This is a smart and friendly platform, huge materials and well organized. With this website I can study English anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Minoo for making it happen.


I like the new look of the site. It keeps you motivated by earning trophies. It is also very well organized in a logical manner.


I started studying English on this amazing website yesterday, and I am in love...

Paula Nobre Vasconcellos



To reach your goal of speaking and writing English fluently, you need to set yourself a clear target and a step-by-step study plan. One of Anglo-Link's unique features is its 'Study Plan Generator'.

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You progress systematically from one lesson to the next, and from one level to the next, through a comprehensive system of testing, feedback, and progress tracking.

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Each lesson includes a test section. Your results are recorded with feedback on the areas you are strong in and areas that you need to revise.

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To help you improve all your skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) as you learn English online, we have provided a comprehensive set of resources including written explanations and exercises, video lessons, oral exercises, and voice recognition software.

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Video lessons

A wide range of video lessons covering all topics including pronunciation, grammar, conversation, vocabulary, listening & speaking practice, and tutorials

One-to-one lessons

Personalised lessons with a teacher for your specific needs


A handy revision tool that allows you to take your own notes for each lesson and save them online

Voice recording

Voice recognition software so you can check the clarity of your own sound production

English-English dictionary

Access to the definition of every word without leaving the page you are studying


Option to download video lessons and audio recordings for convenient offline access

Audio recordings

Voice recording of all pronunciation lessons, conversation lessons, and grammar exercises


PDF transcripts of lessons and exercises for offline study

Device compatibility

Access to features on PC, tablet, and mobile


Instant translation of any word or phrase into your native language

Written exercises

Hundreds of exercises to help you assimilate and actively use what you have studied

Written material

Clear and precise explanations of all grammar and pronunciation topics with many examples and a large selection of daily conversations


A place for you to post your questions for your peers or chat about interesting topics


One-to-one lessons

If you feel you need guidance for your English studies, feedback on your progress, or help with a specific task (job interview, presentation, IELTS or TOEFL test, etc.), you have the option of booking one-to-one lessons with a teacher.

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Complete support

For those moments when you need your language-related question answered or a technical issue resolved quickly, you can count on the Anglo-Link team's and your peers' support.

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Motivating rewards

To keep you motivated until you have reached your goal, we reward you with trophies when you successfully complete a lesson, and you receive free credits for taking an active role in the forums.

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