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Our goal is to offer you one of the best self-study English courses available online.


Follow a structured but flexible study plan that takes you step by step towards fluency and confidence in English.


Improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with a complete set of grammar, pronunciation, and conversation lessons containing written, audio, and video content, exercises, and tests.


Minoo will support you every step of the way! You can send her your questions, attend her live workshops, and book one-to-one lessons with her.

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What our students say

This is one of the best tools you can find on the Internet, to finally learn English.

Wellington, Brazil

The grammar is explained in a very clear and understandable way. The media and video lessons used are useful and perfect.

Alfred, Albania

Minoo is an excellent teacher who combines a friendly and intuitive style of teaching with a structured approach. She helped me with the rhythm of my sentences, stress and intonation. Since then, I have successfully delivered several presentations to an international audience.

Samantha, Iran

The process of evaluating ourselves through test & understanding our improvement areas gives us a clear picture for learning. I find myself improving.

Sajjad, India

This is a smart and friendly platform, huge materials and well organized. With this website I can study English anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Minoo for making it happen.

Duyen, Vietnam

I like the new look of the site. It keeps you motivated by earning trophies. It is also very well organized in a logical manner.

Nicu, Romania

I started studying English on this amazing website yesterday, and I am in love...

Paula, Brazil

I've been learning English for over 15 years, and I struggled a lot for many years. I could't improve my pronunciation or use of grammar even when I took lessons with native English teachers. I'm so happy I finally signed up for Minoo's course. I understand English much better now, and I make far fewer mistakes. English is actually much easier than I thought!

Sarah, Saudi Arabia

I really appreciate Minoo's course. It is clear, concise, and focused on practising.

Juan, Spain

Thanks, Minoo, for your high professionalism in teaching English! Your course inspires me to learn English with more dedication and desire.

Valdimir, Ukraine

There are many courses and methods to learn English on the Internet, but nothing has ever satisfied me more than Minoo's courses.

Gabriella, Belgium

Minoo's Listening Boot Camp and Conversation classes have helped me immensely with my English grammar and communication. I really love Minoo's conversation and grammar sessions. The way Minoo explains things makes English learning easy and fun. I feel more confident now while communicating in English, and it has given me more confidence in my job as well.

Dev, India

I've been joining Minoo's conversation classes for a while. I can remember my first lesson very well. I was so nervous not knowing if I would be able to cope with the situation. And now, months later, I enjoy every minute of our conversation because this course is a step further towards fluency, towards becoming a confident speaker. And by the way, it's so lovely to come in touch with people from all over the world.

Elke, Germany

All lessons with Minoo are interesting, well-structured, and full of good tips to strength and improve my English. For me she is a great teacher.

Linda, Denmark

Minoo is a fantastic teacher. Her explanations are super clear and easy to follow. She covers everything you need to become fluent. I've been learning with Minoo for many years, and I strongly recommend her courses!

Juan Pedro, Spain

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