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35 years of teaching experience and over a million YouTube subscribers


Anglo-Link was born in 2008. At the time, its aim was to provide online access to English learning material that Minoo had developed in the previous six years while teaching her residential students. Three years later, in 2011, Anglo-Link started its own YouTube channel which allowed Minoo to share her lessons with a wider community of learners. Today, Anglo-Link's YouTube channel has over one million subscribers.

Our Mission

The need for an efficient online English course is now more apparent than ever. There is a huge amount of self-study material on the Internet, ranging from very poor to outstanding. It is inevitable that those who want to learn English online are beginning to be lost in the overwhelming maze of available lessons.

Anglo-Link's mission has now changed to providing English language students with an online self-study course that is personalised, complete, structured, and easy-to-use. Using our unique 'Study Plan Generator', you can create your personal study plan based on your specific preferences and needs, and then progress through the course step by step, until you have reached your English fluency goals.

Your role

It is thanks to the support and feedback received from thousands of students all over the world that we have been able to transform Anglo-Link into a unique self-study English course. We hope that you find it highly effective and enjoyable, and we rely on your continued support and feedback to make it increasingly better for you.



Minoo has been an EFL teacher, teacher trainer, and course director for over 35 years. She has extensive experience in teaching both General and Business English to students of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds.

She started teaching English in 1980 after passing her Cambridge Proficiency exam in Iran. In 1984, she moved to the UK where she became a CELTA-qualified EFL teacher and teacher trainer. In 1987, her career took her to Belgium where she worked as an EFL teacher, teacher trainer, material writer, and course director at a residential English language school. In 2002, she moved back to the UK to set up her own one-to-one immersion programmes, which she still runs today.

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