The platform is divided into three study levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is divided into three categories: Pronunciation, Grammar, and Conversation (Vocabulary). This creates a highly organised framework for your studies.

Each category contains a number of modules (study topics) going from easy to more difficult. Each module contains a 'Study' section with detailed and clear explanations, an 'Exercise' section to practise the topic and deepen your understanding, and a 'Test' section to check your assimilation.


We have designed the platform to give you the flexibility to either work from A to Z, or target your specific needs.

From A to Z

This approach is for you if you want to improve all aspects of your English step by step until you reach fluency. This is the best way to make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge.

The structure of the platform enables you to find the right place to start your studies. It will then guide you systematically through the study topics, which follow a logical sequence from easy to more difficult.

Specific needs

If you know which aspects of your English are weak, then you can target these areas specifically. For example, you may just want to:

  • Improve your sentence stress and intonation.
  • Brush up on your verb tenses.
  • Review the phrasal verbs.

Whatever your specific needs might be, you will easily find the relavant section on our platform.


Every module (study topic) has its own test with a minimum pass rate. The scores you receive will indicate how strong you are in that particular topic. Our goal is to help you achieve 100% on every test by giving you detailed feedback on your test results.


The feedback system highlights your mistake(s) and directs you to the section(s) of the lesson that you specifically need to revise. After your revision, you should retake the test to make sure that the challenging point is now clear. You can then move on to the next module.

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