Reward System

To make sure you stay motivated throughout your journey until you have reached your goal of mastering the English language, we have introduced some fun features such as trophies, ranks and free credits.

Trophies & Ranks

Every time you complete a module successfully, you are awarded trophies. The higher your test scores, the more trophies you collect, and the faster you can move up in the 'Ranks'. To keep you focused on your target, we have defined five Ranks that approximately match the CEFR levels (A2 to C2). Discover more about our Ranks.

Free Credits

There are three membership levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level provides access to certain resources. To facilitate your access to the resources that are not included in your chosen membership level, we have introduced a 'Credit' system. You can buy a certain number of credits and use them for downloads and live lessons, or you can use them to unlock some of the online resources.

To reward active members of the community, we have introduced several ways you can earn free credits:

  • Every member receives 10 free credits when they first join.
  • Silver members receive 60 free credits per month of membership (2 credits a day).
  • Gold members receive 150 free credits per month of membership (5 credits a day).
  • Every time you move up a Rank, you receive a certain number of free credits.
  • A member providing an 'Excellent Answer' (as selected by a teacher) to another member's question in the forums is awarded free credits too.
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